Ground to Perfection

The extensive range of Fracino grinders ensures that every freshly ground coffee requirement can be met:
from the finest creamy espresso to the cafetiere; from filter coffee to the connoisseur selection; from the
café environment to the delicatessen. All Fracino grinders are manufactured from the highest quality
materials to exacting standards, enabling optimum grinding of any coffee type.



Model B Grinder

The Model B low volume grinder is a compact, sturdy, user-friendly grinder with all the power and reliability of
a full sized machine. It has adjustable grinding blades
and coffee portion control. Coffee is dispensed into the
filter holder by a flick lever mechanism.

Model T and S Grinders

Both grinders are made from polished stainless steel
and have adjustable blades and portion control, with
coffee dispensed into the filter holder by a flick lever mechanism. The Model T is manually operated.
The Model S operates automatically turning on
when the dispenser is empty and off when full.

Pre-Ground Coffee & Chocolate Dispensers

Pre-Ground Coffee and Chocolate Dispensers
Free standing and wall mounted dispensers have adjustable portion control for pre-ground espresso

Fracino’s unique chocolate powder dispenser is
designed to accurately and efficiently measure
directly into the cup or glass. The stand is made
from highly polished stainless steel and the
dispenser has a stylish chrome finish.

Miracle Grinder

A fully automatic grinder with electronic programming
and operation. The Miracle Grinder is available with
one or two hoppers, freshly dispensing one or two
shots of coffee each time at the touch of a button.
A user friendly machine that ensures absolute consistency.


This unique coffee grinder is fully programmable
with four different options and can be used for
pour-over systems and a range of different sized
cafetieres. There is also a bag clip feature, ideal for
coffee retailers.

C6 Grinder

The C6 is a luxury automatic grinder and a stylish complement to the Fracino range. Made from
die cast aluminium, it has highly polished finish
or can be colour customised to order.

             Low                                      Medium                                    High


Deli Grinders

The Deli grinders are suitable for grinding all blends
of coffee to be retailed by the bag and are available in
three different sizes dependent on usage.

Low Volume
4 - 6 kilos per hour (Espresso grind – Filter grind)
Maximum running time 20 minutes.

Medium Volume
6 - 10 kilos per hour (Espresso grind – Filter grind)
Maximum running time 30 minutes.

High Volume
This model is made entirely from stainless steel and has
a unique vibration mechanism to ensure that coffee settles into the bag. 10 - 15 kilos per hour (Espresso grind – Filter grind) Maximum running time 30 minutes.


Decaffeinated and Speciality Blend Coffee Grinder

This small grinder is ideal for dispensing specialist
blends directly into the filter holder. The coffee
portion is automatically programmed into the
grinder and is dispensed by the press of a button,
ensuring that gourmet blends are served at
optimum freshness.



Knock Out Draws

High grade. Polished stainless steel knock out
drawers for the used coffee grounds, designed for
the coffee grinder to stand on. The drawer is
removable for easy cleaning, is dishwasher safe
and comes fitted with a robust knock out bar.

The range includes:

Designed to fit commercial grinders.

Designed to suit all commercial grinders.
The drawer is fitted with smooth gliding runners
which are fitted with a safety locking device.

Specifically designed for the Heavenly grinder.







Technical Specifications

Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (mm) Hopper Capacity Dispenser Capacity Motor HP/RPM
Model B 450 210 355 11 kg 1 kg 300g 0.4/1300
Model T 560 180 290 13 kg 1 kg 600g 0.4/1300
Model S 610 180 310 13 kg 2 kg 600g 0.5/1300
MU2 650 400 400 35 kg 2 kg + 1 kg 600g + 300g 0.5/1300 x 2
MU3 590 540 490 45 kg 2 kg + 2 kg + 1 kg 600g + 600g + 300g 0.5/1300 x 3
C6 590 200 350 16 kg 1.6 kg 300g 0.25/1300
Miracle 1 Hopper 370 185 270 10 kg 500g Programmable Measure
5g - 16g
Miracle 2 Hopper 790 400 250 33 kg 2 kg + 2 kg Programmable Measure
5g - 16g
0.4/1300 x 2
Filter Caf 445 205 370 18 kg 1 kg or 2 kg No Dispenser 0.5/1300
Wall Mounted Dispenser 320 200 205 4 kg N/A 600g N/A
Free Standing Dispenser 360 200 310 5 kg N/A 600g N/A
Chocolate Dispenser 495 200 245 10 kg N/A 600g N/A
Deli-Low Volume 670 210 400 14 kg 2 kg No dispenser 0.5/1300
Deli-Med Volume 740 210 400 16 kg 2 kg No dispenser 1.3/1300
Deli-High Volume 600 210 250 22 kg 500g No dispenser 1.3/1300
Tranquilo 470 170 350 8 kg 500g No dispenser 0.4/1300
Heavenly 400 165 270 4 kg 500g 70g 0.15/1300

 All grinders require 13 amp power supply. Blade life expectancy - 500 kg of coffee.